The Wolf as Piper

08. THE WOLF AS PIPER. A lamb, having been by chance separated from her mother, met with a wolf, who straightway seized her. He would also have devoured her, had she not, in the hope of gaining time, pleaded cleverly for a moment"s grace.
"I have so often heard," she said, "of your beautiful flute-playing, and I long to hear you. Now I know you mean to kill me, but if you will only play one tune to me first, I shall die more willingly afterwards."
The wolf, much flattered, let go his hold of her, took out his flute, sat down and began to play. While he was thus piping, some hounds who were hunting the wolf to kill him, came rushing to the place. The lamb had hoped for this, and while the wolf was fiercely defending himself, she slipped away and ran safely back to the fold. [more info]

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