The Sheep and the Dog

09. THE SHEEP AND THE DOG. In the days when animals could speak, some sheep said to their master, "We do not understand how it is that you give us only grass which we can find easily for ourselves, when you feed the dog upon all the good things that come from your own table. It is not fair, for we make you rich with our lambs and our wool, whilst the dog gives you nothing in return for all your favour."
Then the dog, who had been listening to this speech, cried out, "Yes, but you must remember that it is I who prevent you from being stolen by thieves or devoured by wolves. If I were not there to guard you, you would not even be able to eat the grass, for fear of being killed."
This answer contented the sheep, and ever since they have agreed that the dog is worthy of all the honour shown to him. [more info]

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