The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

18. THE TOWN MOUSE AND THE COUNTRY MOUSE. A town mouse once came to see a country mouse in his barn. As they were old friends the country mouse gave his guest of the very best of his store—peas, fine oatmeal, the rind of a new cheese, and, as dessert, a piece of ripe apple. There not being enough for two, he himself politely nibbled wheaten straw.
The feast over, the town mouse said, "Excuse my frankness, but how can you bear to live in this dirty place, and to eat such common food? Come with me to town and see what a fine life I lead!"
Accordingly together they went to town and entered a house where there had been a grand supper the night before. The town mouse led his friend to the supper-room, and the two began to feast on the rich scraps and leavings.
Suddenly the door opened, servants entered, and the mice scurried off in terror. Next, the dogs barked fiercely, and this so frightened the country mouse that he bade good-bye to his friend, saying, "You may enjoy this town life, but I prefer a peaceful barn and plain food to these riches beset with danger." [more info]

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