The House-Dog and the Wolf

19. THE HOUSE-DOG AND THE WOLF. One moonlight night, a hungry wolf met a plump, well-fed dog. Said the wolf, "How is it that you are so much fatter than I? I am always busy looking for food, and yet I am but skin and bone!"
"Come with me and guard the house from thieves and you will soon grow fat!" said the dog.
"With all my heart," answered the wolf. Now, as they were trotting along together, the wolf saw a mark on the dog's neck. "What is that?" he asked curiously.
The dog, a little ashamed, answered, "If you must know, it is the mark of my chain. As I am somewhat fierce I am tied up by day, but at night I go where I please: my master brings me dainty scraps, and all the household pets me. Oh, you will soon see how happy your life will be!"
"No," said the wolf; "you can keep your happiness. I would rather be hungry and free than well-fed and chained. Good-night to you." [more info]

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