The River Fish and the Sea Fish

100. THE RIVER FISH AND THE SEA FISH. The waters of a river being mightily swelled by a great flood, the stream ran down with a violent current, and by its rapid force carried a huge barbel along with it into the sea. This fresh-water spark was no sooner come into a new climate, but he began to give himself airs, to talk big, and look, with contempt upon the inhabitants of the place; he boasted hat he was of a better country and family than any among them, for which reason they ought to give place to him, and pay him respect accordingly.
A fine large mullet, that happened to swim near him, and heard his insolent language, bid him hold his silly tongue for if they should be taken by fishermen, and carried to market, he would soon be convinced who ought to have the preference. “We,” says he, “should be bought up at any price for the tables of the first quality, and you sold to the poor for little or nothing.” [more info]

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