The Lion and the Four Bulls

052. THE LION AND THE FOUR BULLS. Four bulls, which had entered into a very strict friendship, kept always near one another, and fed together. The lion often saw them, and as often had a mind to make one of them his prey: but though he could easily have subdued any of them singly, yet he was afraid to attack the whole alliance, as knowing they would have been too hard for him, and therefore contented himself for the present with keeping at a distance.
At last, perceiving no attempt was to be made upon them, as long as this combination held, he took occasion, by whispers and hints to foment jealousies, and raise divisions among them. This stratagem succeeded so well, that the bulls grew cold and reserved to one another, which soon after ripened into a downright hatred and aversion, and at last ended into a total separation.
The lion had now obtained his ends; and, as impossible as it was for him to hurt them while they were united, he found no difficulty, now they were parted, to seize and devour every bull of them, one after another. [more info]

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