The Judicious Lion

115. THE JUDICIOUS LION. A lion having taken a young bullock, stood over, and was just going to devour it, when a thief stept in and cried halves with him. “No, friend,” says the lion, “you are too apt to take what is not your due, and therefore I shall have nothing to say to you.”
By chance a poor honest traveller happened to come that way, and seeing the lion, modestly and timorously withdrew, intending to go another way; upon which the generous beast, with a courteous, affable behaviour, desired him to come forward, and partake with him in that to which his modesty and humility had given him so good a title. Then dividing the prey into two equal parts, and feasting himself upon one of them, he retired into the woods, and left the place clear for the honest man to come in and take is share. [more info]

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