The Jackdaw and the Pigeons

102. THE JACKDAW AND THE PIGEONS. A jackdaw, observing that the pigeons in a certain dove-cote lived well, and wanted for nothing, whitewashed his feathers, and endeavouring to look as much like a dove as he could, went and lived among them. The pigeons, not distinguishing him as long as he kept silent, forebode to give him any disturbance. But at last he forgot his character, and began to chatter; by which the pigeons, discovering what he was, flew upon him, and beat him away from the meat, so that he was obliged to fly back to the jackdaws again. They, not knowing him in his discoloured feathers, drove him away likewise, so that he who had endeavoured to be more than he had a right to, was not permitted to be anything at all. [more info]

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