The Hares and the Frogs

030. THE HARES AND THE FROGS. Upon a great storm of wind that blew among the trees and bushes, and made a rustling with the leaves, the hares in a certain park (where there happened to be plenty of them) were so terribly frighted, that they ran like mad all over the place, resolving to seek out some retreat of more security, or to end their unhappy days by doing violence to themselves.
With this resolution, they found an outlet where a pale had been broken down; and, bolting forth upon an adjoining common, had not run far before their course was stopped by that of a gentle brook, which glided across the way they intended to take. This was so grievous a disappointment that they were not able to bear it, and they determined rather to throw themselves headlong into the water, let what would become of it, than lead a life so full of dangers and crosses.
But upon their coming to the brink of the river, a parcel of frogs, which were sitting there, frightened at their approach, leapt into the stream in great confusion, and dived to the very bottom for fear: which a cunning old puss observing, called to the rest, and said, “Hold! Have a care what you do; here are other creatures, I perceive, which have their fears as well as us; don't then let us fancy ourselves the most miserable of any upon earth; but rather, by their example, learn to bear patiently those inconveniences which nature has thrown upon us.” [more info]

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