The Frogs and the Fighting Bulls

015. THE FROGS AND THE FIGHTING BULLS.  A frog, one day peeping out of the lake, and looking about him, saw two bulls fighting at some distance off in the meadow, and calling to one of his acquaintance, “Look,” says he, “what dreadful work is yonder! Dear sirs, what will become of us?”
“Why, pray thee,” says the other, “do not frighten yourself so about nothing; how can their quarrels affect us? They are of a different kind and way of living, and are at present only contending which shall be master of the herd.”
“That is true,” replies the first, “their quality and station in life, is to all appearance, different enough from ours; but as one of them will certainly get the better, he that is worsted, being beat out of the meadow, will take refuge here in the marshes, and may possibly tread out the guts of some of us: so you see we are more nearly concerned in this dispute of theirs than at first you were aware of.” [more info]

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