The Fox in the Well

43. THE FOX IN THE WELL. A fox had the misfortune to fall into a well, but by digging his claws into the sides of it, and so keeping his head above water, he managed to escape drowning.
In a little while a wolf came and looked over the edge. "Sweet friend!" quoth the fox; "I beseech you bring me a rope or a long pole and help me out of this miserable place."
"Poor unfortunate," cried the wolf, not offering to move, "yours is indeed a desperate case, and I pity you with all my heart. How ever did you come to be so unlucky?"
To which the fox answered with some degree of anger, "Do not stand there pitying me! If you wish me well, you will lend me your help as quickly as possible. Pity is but poor comfort when one is up to the chin in cold water, and in danger every moment of being either drowned or starved." [more info]

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