The Cat and the Fox

42. THE CAT AND THE FOX. The fox and the cat were talking together in the middle of the forest . Said Reynard, "Whatever happens I am safe, for I have a thousand tricks by which to escape from either hunters or dogs. Now, Mrs. Puss, pray what would you do if you were to be suddenly attacked?"
"Alas!" answered the cat; "I have only one plan for avoiding my enemies, and if that fail me, I am undone."
"I am very sorry for you then," cried the fox, "and gladly would I teach you some of my tricks, but, as you know, in times like these it is not wise to trust anyone. Everyone must look out for himself, and I must do likewise."
As he spoke, a pack of hounds came rushing through the woods. The cat, following her usual plan, ran up a tree and stayed there safely until the danger was past. But the fox amongst all his thousand tricks found not one to help him, for he was overtaken by the dogs and killed instantly. [more info]

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