The Fox and the Hedgehog

195. THE FOX AND THE HEDGEHOG. A fox was swimming across a river; and, when he came to the other side, he found the bank so steep and slippery, that he could not get up it. But this was not all his misfortunes, for while he stood in the water deliberating what to do, he was attacked by a swarm of flies, who, settling upon his head and eyes, stung and plagued him grievously.
A hedgehog, who stood upon the shore, beheld and pitied his condition, and withal offered to drive away the flies, which molested and teazed him in that sad manner.
“Friend,” replies the fox, “I thank you for your kind offer, but must desire you by no means to disturb these honest bloodsuckers that are now quartered upon me, and whose bellies are, I fancy, pretty well filled; for if they should leave me, a fresh swarm would take their places, and I should not have a drop of blood left in my whole body.” [more info]

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