The Envious Man and the Covetous

083. THE ENVIOUS MAN AND THE COVETOUS. An envious man happened to be offering up his prayers to Jupiter just in the same time and place with a covetous miserable fellow. Jupiter, not caring to be troubled with their impertinences himself, sent Apollo to examine the merits of their petitions, and to give them such relief as he should think proper. Apollo therefore opened his commission, and withal told them, that to make short of the matter, whatever the one asked the other should have it double.
Upon this the covetous man, though he had a thousand things to request, yet forbore to ask first, hoping to receive a double quantity, for he concluded that all men's wishes sympathized with his.
By this means the envious man had an opportunity of preferring his petition first, which was the thing he aimed at; so, without much hesitation, he prayed to be relieved, by having one of his eyes put out, knowing that, of consequence, his companion would be deprived of both. [more info]

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