The Ass and the Little Dog

081. THE ASS AND THE LITTLE DOG. The ass observing how great a favourite the little dog was with his master, how much caressed, and fondled, and fed with good bits at every meal, and for no other reason, as he could perceive, but skipping and frisking about, wagging his tail, and leaping up into his master's lap, he was resolved to imitate the same, and see whether such a behaviour would not procure him the same favours.
Accordingly, the master was no sooner come home from walking about his fields and gardens, and was seated in his easy chair, but the ass, who observed him, came gamboling and braying towards him, in a very awkward manner. The master could not help laughing aloud at the odd sight. But his jest was soon turned into earnest, when he felt the rough salute of the ass's forefeet, who, raising himself upon his hinder legs, pawed against his breast with a most loving air, and would fain have jumped into his lap.
The good man, terrified at this outrageous behaviour, and unable to endure the weight of so heavy a beast, cried out; upon which, one of his servants running in with a good stick, and laying on heartily upon the bones of the poor ass, soon convinced him, that everyone who desires it is not qualified to be a favourite. [more info]

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