The Cat and the Cock

128. THE CAT AND THE COCK. The cat having a mind to make a meal of the cock, seized him one morning by surprise, and asked him what he had to say for himself, why slaughter should not pass upon him?
The cock replied, that he was serviceable to mankind, by crowing in the morning, and calling them up to their daily labour.
“That is true,” says the cat, “and is the very objection that I have against you; for you to make such a shrill impertinent noise, that people cannot sleep for you. Besides, you are an incestuous rascal, and make no scruple of lying with your mother and sisters.”
“Well,” says the cock, “this I do not deny; but I do it to procure eggs and chickens for my master.”
“Ah, villain,” says the cat, “hold your wicked tongue; such impieties as these declare that you are no longer fit to live.” [more info]

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