Aesop's Answer to the Inquisitive Man

3.19. ÆSOP’S ANSWER TO THE INQUISITIVE MAN. When Æsop was the only servant of his master, he was ordered to prepare dinner earlier than usual. Accordingly, he went round to several houses, seeking for fire, and at last found a place at which to light his lantern. Then as he had made a rather long circuit, he shortened the way back, for he went home straight through the Forum. There a certain Busybody in the crowd said to him: “Æsop, why with a light at mid-day?”
“I’m in search of a man,” said he; and went hastily homewards.
If the inquisitive fellow reflected on this answer, he must have perceived that the sage did not deem him a man, who could so unseasonably rally him when busy. [more info]

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