Aesop and the Impertinent Fellow

170. AESOP AND THE IMPERTINENT FELLOW. Aesop's master came home one day somewhat earlier than usual, and there happening to be no other slave in the house but Aesop, he was ordered to get supper ready as fast as he could. So away he runs to light a candle, in order to kindle his fire; and the weather being warm, and it wanting a pretty deal of night, he went up and down to several houses before he could speed; at last, however, he found what he wanted, and, being in haste, he made no scruple of returning directly over the market-place, which was his nearest way home.
But, as he went along, an impertinent fellow among the crowd caught him by the sleeve, and would fain have been arch upon him. “O rare Aesop!” says he, “what occasion for a candle, old boy? What are you going to light the sun to bed?"
"Let me alone,” says Aesop, “I am looking for a man.”
And having said this away he scuttled home as fast as he could. [more info]

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