The Two Frogs

2.52. THE TWO FROGS. One hot sultry summer, the lakes and ponds being almost everywhere dried up, a couple of Frogs agreed to travel together in search of water. At last they came to a deep well, and sitting upon the brink of it, began to consult, whether they should leap in or no. One of them was for it; urging, that there was plenty of clear spring water, and no danger of being disturbed. Well, says t'other, all this may be true; and yet I can't come into your opinion for my life: For, if the water should happen to dry up here too, how should we get out again?
On things of moment with thyself debate,
Nor, inconsiderate, change thy present state,
Nor on the specious good lay too much stress,
Lest greater Ills incur, in shunning less.
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