The Thief and the Boy

A boy sat weeping by the side of a well.
A thief came along and desired him to tell
Why thus he wept, and what trouble he had.
"Perhaps I can help you. If so, I'll be glad."
The boy, drying his eyes, showed him a long string,
"I had tied to this a most beautiful thing—
A silver cup out of which often I drank,
But just now in this well to the bottom it sank."
The thief boldly said, "Don't worry over that!"
And soon he disrobed of his clothes and his hat,
Saying, "To the bottom I'll certainly go,
And recover the cup that is grieving you so."
To return the lost cup he had no intention.
But this fact indeed he took care not to mention.
Though he carefully searched he was forced to come up
Without finding a trace of the coveted cup.
But the boy stole his clothes, and then ran away,
And whither he went is not known to this day,
While planning a way to steal somebody's pelf,
Remember you're liable to be robbed yourself.

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