The Sun and the Wind

1.44. THE SUN AND THE WIND. Gentle means, on many occasions, are more effectual than violent ones.
Phoebus and Aeolus had once a dispute which of them could soonest prevail with a certain traveller to part with his cloak. Aeolus began the attack, and assaulted him with great violence. But the man, wrapping his cloak still closer about him, doubled his efforts to keep it, and went on his way. And now, Phoebus darted his warm insinuating rays, which melting the traveller by degrees, at length obliged him to throw aside that cloak which all the rage of Aeolus could not compel him to resign. Learn hence, said Phoebus to the blustering god, that soft and gentle means will often accomplish what force and fury can never effect. [more info]

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