The Eagle and the Crow

1.19. THE EAGLE AND THE CROW. To mistake our own talents, or over-rate our abilities, is always ridiculous, and sometimes dangerous.
An Eagle, from the top of a high mountain, making a stoop at a lamb, pounced upon it, and bore it away to her young. A Crow, who had built her nest in a cedar near the foot of the rock, observing what passed, was ambitious of performing the same exploit; and darting from her nest, fixed her talons in the fleece of another lamb. But neither able to move her prey, nor to disentangle her feet, she was taken by the shepherd, and carried away for his children to play with; who eagerly enquiring what bird it was: —An hour ago, said he, she fancied herself an eagle: however, I suppose she is by this time convinced that she is but a crow. [more info]

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