The Milkmaid

A Milkmaid to the market sped,
Her milk pail, balanced on her head,
Brimful of milk fresh from the cow.
And as she went she pondered how
In time, by careful bargaining,
The price that pail of milk would bring
Might make her fortune. "First, I'll get,"
Thought she, "a batch of eggs to set;
And these, when hatched by some good hen,
Will grow to fine, plump chickens; then
At Fair-time, when the price is high,
I'll sell them for enough to buy
That feathered hat and blue silk gown
I saw the other day in town.
Then, with pink ribbons in my hair,
When Jamie sees me at the Fair
And says he's sorry that he said
The things he did, I'll toss my head
Like this" - - She tossed her head and splash!
Down came the pail of milk, and crash!
Went eggs and chickens; blue silk gown,
Hat, ribbons, all came tumbling down,
And the bright vision of the Fair
And - Jamie - - vanished into air! [more info]

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