The Hares and the Frogs

Once all the Hares in Haredom got
Together to bewail their lot,
And one and all agreed that, what
With being hounded, snared and shot,
And chased and worried, life was not
Worth living. So, lest worse befall,
Resolved at once to end it all,
They rushed up a steep rock to throw
Themselves into the lake below.
Hearing them come, the Frogs beside
The water's edge leapt, terrified,
Into the lake. Seeing their fright,
A Hare exclaimed, "Brothers, our plight
Is not so bad; now we have found
A folk who fear the very sound
Of our approach, let us," said he,
"Take courage in the thought that we,
The scorn of Man and Bird and Beast,
Are heroes to the Frogs at least!" [more info]

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