The Fox that Lost his Tail

A Fox, once in a trap caught fast,
Managed, by tugging hard, at last
To free himself, only to find
He'd left his precious tail behind.
Here was a pretty state of things!
Exposed to all the shafts and stings
Of ridicule and malice too,
What in the world was he to do?
One day he hit upon a plan.
Calling a meeting of the clan,
He made a speech and thus began,
"Dear fellow Foxes! I regret
To see that you are wearing yet
That relic of antiquity
The TAIL. In good society
It is no longer comme il faut
And Human Beings long ago
Discarded it. 'Tis an offense
Against both Style and Common Sense.
Take my advice, don't hesitate,
Cut off your tails before too late!"
Ere he could say another word,
'Mid cries of "foolish! mad! absurd!"
Rose an old Fox; "I beg to state,"
Said he, "we should attach more weight
To your advanced and lofty views
Had you yourself a tail to lose!" [more info]

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