The Fox and the Crow

A Crow once stole a piece of cheese,
And, to enjoy it at her ease,
Flew to the top of a high tree.
A Fox who, passing, chanced to see,
Resolved to exercise his wit
And win from her the dainty bit
That in her beak she held so tight.
"My dear," said he, with smile polite,
"I never was aware till now
How perfect is your form, nor how
Superb your plumage. Had your voice
An equal charm, I should rejoice
To hear you sing!" At that the Crow,
Parting her beak to sing, let go
The piece of cheese and saw the prize
Snapped up before her very eyes,
And heard the Fox's parting jeer:
"Don't trouble now to caw, my dear!" [more info]

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