The Fox and the Bramble

1.02. THE FOX AND THE BRAMBLE. We should bear with patience a small evil when it is connected with a greater good.
A Fox closely pursued by a pack of dogs took shelter under the covert of a Bramble. He rejoiced in this asylum and for a while was very happy but soon found that if he attempted to stir he was wounded by thorns and prickles on every side. However, making a virtue of necessity, he forbore to complain and comforted himself with reflecting that no bliss is perfect; that good and evil are mixed and flow from the same fountain.These briars indeed, said he, will tear my skin a little, yet they keep off the dogs. For the sake of the good then let me bear the evil with patience: each bitter has its sweet, and these brambles, though they wound my flesh, preserve my life from danger. [more info]

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