The Butterfly and the Rose

1.03. THE BUTTERFLY AND THE ROSE. We exclaim loudly against that inconstancy in another to which we give occasion by our own.
A fine powdered Butterfly fell in love with a beautiful Rose who expanded her charms in a neighbouring parterre. Matters were soon adjusted between them and they mutually vowed eternal fidelity. The Butterfly, perfectly satisfied with the success of his amour, took a tender leave of his mistress and did not return again till noon.
"What," said the Rose when she saw him approaching, "is the ardent passion you vowed so soon extinguished? It is an age since you paid me a visit. But no wonder, for I observed you courting by turns every flower in the garden."
"You little coquet," replied the Butterfly; "it well becomes you truly to reproach me with my gallantries when in fact I only copy the example which you yourself have set me. For, not to mention the satisfaction with which you admitted the kisses of the fragrant Zephyr, did I not see you displaying your charms to the bee, the fly, the wasp, and in short encouraging and receiving the addresses of every buzzing insect that fluttered within your view? If you will be a coquet you must expect to find me inconstant." [more info]

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