The Dog and the Wolf

16. THE DOG AND THE WOLF. There was a gaunt, ragged, gipsy of a Wolf who fell into company with a sleek jolly Dog belonging to the spaniel tribe, on the King's highway. The Wolf was wonderfully pleased with his companion, and was inquisitive to learn how he had brought himself to that commendable state of body.
"Why," said the Dog, "I keep my Master's house, and I have the best of meat, drink, and lodging for my pains; indeed, if you'll go along with me, and do as I do, you may fare as I fare."
The Wolf readily agreed, and so away they trotted together; but as they approached the house the Wolf caught sight of the Dog's curiously embroidered collar, from which a kind of gold chain hung down over the shoulder. "Brother," said he, "what is this I see?"
"Oh, that's nothing," says the Spaniel; "a mere social Badge to let the world know whose Dog I am."
"Indeed!" says the other. "If those be the conditions, good bye. Bare bones and independence, rather than cold chicken with a chain and dog-collar."
MORAL. To the independent spirit, gold fetters are as galling as iron ones. [more info]

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