A Boar and a Fox

2.33. A BOAR AND A FOX. As a Boar was whetting his teeth against a tree, up comes a Fox to him.
"Pray, what do you mean by that?" says he.
"I do it," says the Boar, "to be in readiness in case of an attack by an enemy."
"But," replies the Fox, "I see no occasion for it, for there is no enemy near you."
"Well," says the Boar, "but I see occasion for it; for when I come once to be set upon, it will be too late for me to be whetting when I should be fighting."
Wise are the people, who in peace prepare
Their fleets and armies for the distant war;
Who ne'er in treaties and conventions trust,
Nor leave the sword, though it be sheath'd, to rust.
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