The Wolf and the Lamb

38. THE WOLF AND THE LAMB. A wolf, who was drinking at the head of a running stream, saw a lamb paddling in the water lower down. He at once made up his mind that he would have her for supper, but he tried first to find a good reason for seizing her. "Villain," he cried, running up to the poor little lamb, "how dare you make the water muddy when I am drinking it?"
"Indeed," said the lamb meekly, "I do not see how I can have disturbed you, for the stream runs down from you to me!"
"Well," answered the wolf, "that may be so, but at any rate you called me bad names a year ago."
"Oh, sir," cried the trembling lamb, "you are quite mistaken, for I was not born a year ago."
"If it was not you, then it must have been your father," cried the wolf, "and it is all the same." So making any excuse serve his wicked purpose, he seized the lamb and tore her to pieces. [more info]

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