The Stag at the Spring

46. THE STAG AT THE SPRING. A stag, as he bent over a spring to drink, saw himself reflected in the water, and stood still to admire the picture. "Ah!" he said; "what a splendid pair of horns I have. If the rest of my body was as beautiful, I should be the handsomest animal alive. But I cannot bear to look at my thin legs. I really am ashamed of them."
Just then he heard the angry roar of a lion, and was off like the wind. The legs which he had despised carried him so swiftly that very soon the lion was left far behind.
But, as he went through a tangled wood, his splendid horns caught in the branches of a tree, and he was held a prisoner until the lion came up and made an end of him. So it was that, after all, the horns which he had admired so much were the cause of his death. [more info]

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