The Old Woman and the Doctor

20. THE OLD WOMAN AND THE DOCTOR. An Old Woman having lost the use of her eyes, bargained with a Doctor that if he should cure her she would pay him a handsome reward; if not she would give him nothing. From time to time the Doctor visited his patient and applied his salve to her eyes, and each time on leaving her house he took away or rather stole some article of her property.
When he had cured her he had stolen all her effects, and the Old Woman being unable to see any of her goods, refused to pay him. Summoned before the court the Old Woman stood up and said, “He declares that I am healed; on the contrary, I say that I am still blind, for at the time I became blind, my house was well filled with chattels and goods. Yet now I am unable to see a single article in it.”
MORAL. Depraved men do not see that by their actions they bring an argument against themselves. [more info]

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