The Judicious Lion

A Lion on the carcass stood
Of a young heifer in the wood;
A robber that was passing there,
Came up, and ask’d him for a share.
“A share,” says he, “you should receive,
But that you seldom ask our leave
For things so handily removed.”
At which the ruffian was reproved.
It happen’d that the selfsame day
A modest pilgrim came that way,
And when he saw the Lion, fled:
Says he, “There is no cause of dread,
In gentle tone—take you the chine,
Which to your merit I assign.”—
Then having parted what he slew,
To favour his approach withdrew.
A great example, worthy praise,
But not much copied now-a-days!
For churls have coffers that o’erflow,
And sheepish worth is poor and low. [more info]

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