The Horse and the Ass

014. THE HORSE AND THE ASS. The horse, adorned with his great war-saddle, and champing his foaming bridle, came thundering along the way, and made the mountains echo with his loud shrill neighing. He had not gone far before he overtook an ass, who was labouring under a heavy burden, and moving slowly on in the same track with himself. Immediately he called out to him in an haughty imperious tone, and threatened to trample him in the dirt, if he did not break the way for him. The poor patient ass, not daring to dispute the matter; quietly got out of his way as fast as he could, and let him go by.
Not long after this, the same horse, in an engagement with the enemy, happened to be shot in the eye, which made him unfit for show or any military business; so he was stript of his fine ornanents and sold to a carrier. The ass meeting him in this forlorn condition, thought that now it was his time to insult; and so, says he, “Hey-day, friend, is it you! Well, I always believed that pride of yours would one day have a fall.” [more info]

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