The Hare and the Tortoise

36. THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE. A hare boasted loudly to a tortoise of her speed in running, at the same time insulting him because of his slowness. "Let us have a race," answered the tortoise. "For five pounds I will run with you five miles, and the fox over yonder shall be the judge." The hare with a scornful smile agreed, and away they started together.
Soon the hare left the tortoise far behind, and, feeling a little tired, lay down on a tuft of grass that grew by the way. "If that slow-coach passes, I shall see him and easily catch him up again," she said to herself, and fell asleep.
In the meantime the tortoise plodded on, slowly but surely. After a time, she passed the hare, who, sure of reaching the goal first, still slept, and awoke only to find that the tortoise had reached it before her. [more info]

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