The Frogs and the their King

05. THE FROGS AND THEIR KING. One day the frogs, having grown tired of their pleasant free life in the marshes, asked Jupiter to let them have a king. Jupiter, laughing heartily at their foolishness, threw down a little log into a pool, saying, "There is a king for you!" The log made a great splash in the water, and this frightened the frogs so much that they did not dare to go near.
After a time, however, seeing that it did not move, they grew bolder and leaped upon it. Soon, however, they grew discontented, and, despising their dull king, sent again to Jupiter to ask for another.
This time he gave them a stork, who at once set to work to eat them up, one after the other, as fast as he could.
In despair they prayed Jupiter either to give them another king or to let them live free as before.
"No," said Jupiter, "this serves you right. You were not content until I gave you a king, and now that you have one you must keep him." [more info]

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