The Fox and the Eagle

40. THE FOX AND THE EAGLE. An eagle in search of food for her young, saw a fox's cub playing happily in the sun. She swooped down and caught it in her claws, but before she had carried it off, the old mother fox came home and begged her, with tears in her eyes, to spare the little cub.
But the eagle, whose nest was in a high tree, thought herself quite safe from the fox, and so took away the cub to her little ones, without paying any attention to the poor mother's distress.
Then the mother fox ran quickly to a field near by, where a fire was burning, and, seizing a lighted stick, rushed to the tree where the eagle's nest was built. There with the flaming wood between her teeth she began to climb. Scarcely had she reached the first branch when the eagle, afraid that her nest and her little ones would be burnt, flew down with the cub, and very humbly gave it back safe and sound to the clever mother fox. [more info]

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