The Fox and the Crow

34. THE FOX AND THE CROW. A crow having stolen a large piece of cheese from a cottage window, flew with it to a high tree near by. A cunning fox, noticing this, came and sat underneath the tree and looking up, as if in great astonishment and admiration, cried, "You beautiful creature! I never before saw such delicate white feathers! What a lovely shape you have, and doubtless your voice is as wonderful. I protest, if your song matches your beauty, there is no bird in the world that could hope to rival you!"
At this the vain and silly crow was so overcome with delight that she nearly tumbled off her perch, and wishing to show the fox that her voice was quite equal to her beauty, she opened her mouth and gave a loud caw. Down dropped the cheese, and this being all the fox wanted, he picked it up, swallowed it in a moment, and trotted off laughing at the foolish vanity of the crow. [more info]

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