The Wolf and the Lamb

Seeing a lamb at a stream drinking water,
"You're making it both muddier and hotter,"
Said a hungry old wolf to the poor little lamb,
Though he knew he was peaceful, quiet and calm.
"How dare you? How dare you? When I wish to drink!"
Then said the lamb meekly: "You're mistaken, I think,
For the stream, 'tis plain to see, runs the wrong way,
And I could not, were I to drink here all day."
"You did not," said the wolf, "you very well know
You censured me behind my back, a year ago."
"A year ago I was not born," the lamb said.
"Then it was your brother, I hope he is dead."
"Alas," said the lamb, "I ne'er had a brother."
"Then of your lot I know it was some other,"
So he seized the poor lamb and dragged him away,
And feasted on lamb for the rest of the day.
Be his foe wrong or be his foe right,
'Tis the same to him who is seeking a fight.

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