The Wolf and the Lamb

33. THE WOLF AND THE LAMB. A Wolf saw a Lamb drinking at a brook, and set about finding some good reason for catching him. So he went to a place a little higher up the brook, and called out:—
"How dare you muddle the water that I am drinking?"
"How can I," said the Lamb, humbly, "when I drink with the tips of my lips only? And, besides, the water runs from you to me, not from me to you."
"Well, you called my father names a year ago," said the Wolf, finding another reason.
"I was not born a year ago," said the poor Lamb.
"You may make ever so good excuses," said the Wolf, finally; "I shall eat you all the same."
This fable teaches that, when one has made up his mind to do wrong, he is not stopped by the best of reasons. [more info]

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