The Wind and the Sun

The Wind and Sun once fell into
A heated argument, which grew
Each day more bitter. Wind and Sun
Each claimed to be the stronger one.
Finding that neither one would make
The least concession, for the sake
Of peace the two agreed at length
Upon a trial of their strength.
"You see that Traveler," said the Sun,
"On yonder road; whichever one
The sooner forces him to strip
His cloak off, wins the Championship!"
The Wind, rejoicing in a fight,
Sprang up and blew with all his might;
Quite confident that he would win,
But very soon, to his chagrin,
He found the harder that he blew,
The Traveler more tightly drew
His cloak about him. One last puff
He gave, then shouted in a huff,
"I give it up, it can't be done!"
Then, with a smile, arose the Sun
And beamed his brightest on the Man,
So that he presently began
To feel his cloak. Then bit by bit,
As he grew warmer, loosened it.
At last he threw it off. "You win!"
Exclaimed the Wind. "I now begin
To see the Light! I thought till now
That everything to FORCE must bow;
But you compel me to admit
PERSUASION has the best of it!" [more info]

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