The Two Dogs

1.09. THE TWO DOGS. There was a dog who was about to give birth to a litter of puppies and came to the house of another dog and asked her with sweet and fair words to lend her a place where she could give birth to her puppies. And the other loaned her her bed and her house, wanting to do a kindness. And when the dog had given birth to her puppies, the good dog said to the other that it was time to go and leave her house. And then the dog and her young pups attacked the other dog and so threw her out of her own house.
Caxton: Ther was a bytche whiche wold lyttre and be delyuerd of her lytyl dogges / and came to the hows of another bytche / & prayd her by swete and fayre wordes that she wold lene to her a place for to lyttre her lytyll dogges / And this other lend to her / her bed and her hows wenynge to doo wel / And whan the bytche had lyttred her lytel dogges / the good bytche sayd to the other / that it was tyme that she shold goo and departe oute of her / And thenne the bytche and her yonge dogges ranne vpon the other / and boot and casted her oute of her owne hows. [more info]

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