The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

A Country Mouse once asked a friend
Who lived in Town to come and spend
The day, and breathe his country air,
And taste his simple country fare.
But simple fare like cheese and rye
And oatmeal failed to satisfy
The City Mouse's pampered taste.
"Your life, my friend, is going to waste
In this outlandish hole," said he.
"Come into Town and visit me,
And I will show you how (forgive
Plain speech) a gentlemouse should live."
His host accepted with delight,
So off they set and that same night,
Arriving at the city house,
Sat down to dine. The Country Mouse,
Bewildered, scarce believed his eyes,
For here were almonds, nuts and pies,
Honey and custard, cream and cake,
And - - "What's that noise? For mercy's sake!"
The Country Mouse exclaimed in fright,
As through the floor with all their might
They scampered, panting, out of breath.
"It almost frightened me to death!"
"Oh, that - -" explained the City Mouse,
"That is the Man who shares my house;
But he won't hurt you - -" "That may be,"
Replied the guest, "but not for me
This whirl of cake and custard gay;
It is not worth the price you pay.
I'm just as much obliged, but I
Prefer the Simple Life - - Good-bye!" [more info]

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