The Partial Judge

1.14. THE PARTIAL JUDGE. The injuries we do and those we suffer are seldom weighed in the same scales.
A Farmer came to a neighbouring Lawyer expressing great concern for an accident which he said had just happened. "One of your oxen," continued he, "has been gored by an unlucky bull of mine, and I shall be glad to know how I am to make you a reparation."
"Thou art a very honest fellow," replied the Lawyer, "and wilt not think it unreasonable that I expect one of thy oxen in return."
"It is no more than justice," quoth the Farmer, "to be sure; but what did I say? I mistake; it is your bull that has killed one of my oxen."
"Indeed," says the Lawyer; "that alters the case. I must inquire into the affair, and if--"
"And if," said the Farmer, "the business I find would have been concluded without an if had you been as ready to do justice to others as to exact it from them." [more info]

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