The Old Lion

A Lion, old and powerless,
Lay on the ground in sore distress,
Nigh unto death. Seeing his plight
A Boar, recalling an old slight,
Stabbed him as he defenseless lay,
With vengeful tusk, and ran away.
Soon after came a Bull, who bore
Resentment for an unpaid score,
And gored by way of punishment,
The Lion to his heart's content.
An Ass, who had observed all this,
Thought, "Here's a chance too good to miss."
And with his hind heels, just for spite,
Let drive at him with all his might.
At that, with an expiring roar,
The Lion cried, "Unmoved I bore
the insults of the Boar and Bull.
But now, indeed, my cup is full!
From you, a beast of meanest breed,
To suffer this is death indeed!" [more info]

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