The Nurse and the Wolf

069. THE NURSE AND THE WOLF. A nurse, who was endeavouring to quiet a froward bawling child, among other attempts threatened to throw it out of doors to the wolf if it did not leave off crying.
A wolf, who chanced to be prowling near the door just at the time, heard the expression, and believing the woman to be in earnest, waited a long time about the house in expectation of seeing her words made good. But at last the child, wearied with its own importunities, fell asleep, and the poor wolf was forced to return back to the woods empty and supperless.
The fox meeting him, and surprised to see him go home so thin and disconsolate, asked him what the matter was, and how he came to speed no better that night? “Ah! do not ask me,” says he; “I was so silly as to believe what the nurse said, and have been disappointed.” [more info]

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