The Mice in Council

Once, in the absence of the Cat,
The Mice in solemn council sat,
Some plan of action to discuss
To curb her practice odious
Of prying into their affairs
And pouncing on them unawares.
After much talk the plan that met
With most approval was to get
A piece of cord and hang thereby
To Pussy's neck, upon the sly,
A bell that would not fail to ring
When Pussy was about to spring,
And so announce her fell intention.
Truly a wonderful invention!
The Mice delightedly agreed;
"Now," said the Chairman, "all we need
Is someone to attach the bell."
At this, an awful silence fell
Upon the meeting; no one spoke.
At length a voice the stillness broke,
"I move, since no one seems to yearn
To bell the Cat, that we adjourn." [more info]

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