The Lion Hunting with Other Beasts

A lion, and heifer, a goat and a sheep,
Decided in common their booty to keep;
Each one on himself might depend in the chase,
The spoil to be brought to the same hiding place.
Soon a festive stag fell into the goat's snare,
Then he called the quartette his booty to share.
The lion was granted the head of the table
And asked to divide as best he was able.
He kindly consented, and, joy to their hearts,
Soon cut the poor stag into four equal parts.
But their joy did not last, in fact it was brief;
Though I'm sorry to say 'twas not so with their grief.
Said he, seizing the very best piece at the feast,
"This falls to my lot as the most kingly beast."
Snatching another piece, the fattest and longest,
"This also I take as I am the strongest.
This choice cut for the one most valiant must be,
So all will acknowledge 'tis really for me."
Then on tasting the last piece, he found it most rare,
And calmly remarked: "Let him touch this, who dare!"
The moral's quite plain, and see it you must,
If you value your treasure, beware whom you trust.

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