The Horse and the Stag

A little young horse, a frolicsome sorrel,
With a great big stag got into a quarrel.
The little young horse, though he could boast and could brag,
Found himself, in a fight, no match for the stag.
So he called to his aid a friendly young man,
Saying, "We can whip him, I am certain we can."
A bit on the horse, a saddle on his back,
And the man mounted thus, killed the stag in his track.
The horse was delighted and loudly he neighed.
Then to the young man very humbly he prayed:
"I thank you, and wish now again to be idle;
Would you please to rid me of saddle and bridle?"
"O, no!" said the man, "by this ride I can see,
How very much use you can be unto me."
Unless until death you want something to rue,
Let not friend or foe put a bridle on you.

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